dinsdag 5 januari 2010

I still have butterflies. Everytime I know that I am going to see him, I want to look my best. And I don't want him to see any flaws of mine. But that is hard to hide/to do if you see each other a lot (like in the morning; a beautiful out of bed look, perhaps a morning breathe, maybe old make-up like mascara on the cheek, all very charming don't you think?).
There is not always (enough) time or there are not always (enough) possibilities to dress up or something like that haha.
But that doesn't matter, because otherwise you wouldn't see the real me and love the real me.
And then you wouldn't have a real or honest relationship.

The period of the time you are together doesn't matter.
It's all about how you spent that time with each other.
And the time I've spent with my guy these past three months we are together, feels like one of the best three months of my life..
It feels natural to be with him and three months doens't feel realistic.
It feels obviously that we're together, hence it feels like I know him longer than 'only' three months.
And he is still going through my mind every second there is a chance to. Always on my mind.

1:00 am i'm still awake.
1:01 am you're in my head.
1:02 am i think of your eyes.
1:03 am i smile.
1:04 am i try to sleep again.
1:20 am you're still in my head.
1:30 am get out of my head.
1:40 am i still can't sleep.
2:00 am i think of your lips.
3:00 am i'm tired.
4:00 am you, you, you.
5:00 am you're still in my head.
6:00 am you're in my heart.
7:00 am i finally fall asleep.
8:00 am i get ready for the day

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