dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

I can't promise you I'll always be by your side to give you a hug,
but I will be on the other side of the phone.
I can't promise everything will be alright,
because sometimes I know it won't, but I will do my best to help you.
I can't promise I'll stop your tears,
but I will cry with you always.
I can't promise I'll catch you when you fall,
but hey, I've always wanted to fly, so I will hold your hand all the way down.
I can't promise you I can get you outta your hole. To tell you the truth, I'm in there too sometimes, but I can help ease your pain.
I can't promise I can make you better when you feel like you're not strong enough,
but I can be strong for you.
No matter what trails we have to go through, at least we'll have each other.
I can't promise that things will be ok soon,
but I can promise that; I'll love you, now, forever, and always.

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