donderdag 24 december 2009

I used to see the world as dark, now everyday the sun shines in my heart, you lift me up. Your love is a drug

Your love is like a drug to me.
And at the moment it feels like I'm having a low sugar level..
This week was really great.
First, the snow.
Second, the freedom this week.
And I was saving the best for last:
I have seen my love every day until this morning, since friday evening. Sunday is now one of my greatest memories of the snow.

We went for a walk through my hometown, a tiny picturesque village.
I made a snowangel and he jumped in a big mass of snow, whereupon I had to pull him out.
I'd like to repeat a quote I have mentioned before (Made by an inspiring artist named Joey):

From monday to thursday(today) I was 'home'. At his place.
It really feels like a home now and I'm already getting a bit homesick haha.
I'm in rehab now you know.. Although I ate quite some chocolate today, my sugar level is quite low ;) (if you know what I mean *giggle).

In the past couple of days we did a lot and we did almost nothing.
It felt really nice to wait for him until he comes home from work. It felt natural.
As if it was supposed to be.
Because I had a free day I had all the time for the things I wanted to do.
So I decided to do something special for my guy.
I thought it would be fun to straighten my hair (very ironic, it wasn't my straightner but his haha). I was going for the eighties look as far as it was possible with the things I had with me.
I was wearing a white blouse with a Prince look, wearing a guns 'n roses black leather bracelet and skinny's with bleach stains. (maybe next time I will tease my hair..)
It was really weird to see myself with straight hair (when I looked at myself in one angle I looked kinda like my mom). I think he really liked it. Maybe even more than my own curls haha.
I hope I pleased him with that.

Today I bought a straightener, thought it would be time to have one now. :)
So there are going to be more straight days!

Tomorrow it is christmas, so I won't write tomorrow. Oh wait, yes I will.. Because my dad somehow had to ask my grandma to come saturday in stead of tomorrow. He is very tired of his work, so I think he wants sort of a resting day. But I have to work saturday so maybe I won't see my grandma at all.
Oops, getting cranky here, so I'm going to quit this section for now.

To end my blog for today.

You lift me up.
Lift me up.
Up in the air, in the clouds.
High in the sky.
You make me high.
Your love is my drug.

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